Q: How do I pay rent?
A: We are a paperless community! You can pay rent by logging into your personal resident account and paying with FREE ACH, by
credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) or with cash using the MoneyGram feature.

Q: I am trying to pay with my Visa, but there is no Visa option, what is going on?
A: In order to pay with Visa, you can only make a payment below the Visa Max amount which is set at $900. If you lower you payment amount to $900 you will see the Visa option reappear. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: How do I edit or cancel an existing rent payment?
A: If you set yourself up for auto-pay, navigate through your resident account to the payments section, you should see a recurring
payment section and you can cancel or edit it there.

Q: How do I pay application fees?
A: We only accept certified funds for application fees and security deposits. If you apply online, you will pay at the very end of your
application. The first primary applicant pays the application fees for the other applicants or co-signers, so please plan accordingly!
If you apply in the office, you will fill out a form for payment or you can pay using a Money Order.

Q: How do I see availability?
A: If you have questions about what units are available and when, please feel free to call the office. We have Leasing Specialists eager to answer your questions.

Q: When do I sign the lease?
A: After you fill out the application online, we will process your application and do a credit and background screen. Once your application is approved, you will move on to lease signing.

Q: How do I hold an apartment?
A: A deposit is required in order to hold an apartment. You must complete the application and pay the application fee and security deposit.

Q: Can I enroll in the portal before I move-in?
A: Yes, when you are approved and are a future resident you can enroll in the portal.

Q: Can I pay cash?
A: We do not directly accept cash, but you are able to pay with cash using MoneyGram. You will find this option and instructions in your
Resident Portal. You may also pay with a Money Order, however we are a paperless community and do not recommend this form.

Q: Why did my auto-payment stop?
A: Your auto-payment can stop for several reasons.
-The end date has passed and you must create a new auto-payment
-Your credit card expired
-The account was closed, or the account info was wrong upon first entering
-If you renew your lease, you need to set up your auto-payment again

Q: Can I change how much I am paying?
A: If you have an auto-pay set up, you must cancel that payment and setup a new one with the new amount you wish to pay.

Q: Why am I not able to register?
A: Your name and a unit number is required to sign up for your account. Both of these have to match what we have on file for you. If
either of these is entered incorrectly you will not be able to sign up.

Q: What is my username?
A: Your username is your e-mail address. If you wish to change your e-mail address you’ll need to login with your old account and
change it in the Resident Portal. If your e-mail address is different than the one you applied with, let us know and we can update it for you.

Q: How long does my payment take to clear?
A: Security Deposits do not clear until 3-5 days after payment. Application fees and rent payments should be immediate, or at the latest the next day.

Q: What do I need to qualify? How much money do I need to make?
A: Gross income per applicant must be verified. If not verifiable by employer, we require the past 2 months of bank statements or
previous year tax returns. Income requirement is 3 times the monthly rent amount (Note: applicants not meeting income requirements are required to have a guarantor). The guarantor must complete an application, pay the application fee, meet all criteria,
(Note: Income must be four times the amount of rent and credit not to exceed 10% negative), and must sign all required paper
work and have it notarized before the resident moves in.

Q: If I apply online, how do I send proof of income?
A: You may send proof of income via e-mail, fax or by bringing it into the office.

Q: What are the different ID types you accept?
A: Acceptable forms of identification are: Driver’s license, state issues ID card, passport or military ID. These may be sent via e-mail, fax, or in person.

Q: When do I give notice if I am moving?
A: If you are not renewing, we require a written 60 day notice to vacate sent to the office.

Q: How much is the application fee?
A: The application fee is $40 per lease holder and guarantor. Minors do not pay application fees.