Apr 17

Top Perks for Renters


Everyone needs a house to reside in and spend most of the time of life. People can either buy their own house or live in houses and apartments for rent. Living in a rental home is a more flexible option than buying a house and living in. But at the same time buying a home has bigger potential long-term payoffs, with tax advantages and quality-of-life benefits. As costs of buying a house are more diverse and complicated people look beyond numbers when making the decision. Here are some reasons why getting a property on rent is the right thing for you:

Benefits of Renting

1. It gives you the flexibility you want
If you are switching jobs while living in a metropolitan city, you obviously do not want to be tied to a place as it makes moving from one place to another difficult. By renting a property, you have the flexibility to switch to any other property easily if the offer is right. Most of the houses available for sale have high upfront costs while most renters pay relatively low upfront costs.
2. It is way cheaper than buying a home
Buying a home in an upscale neighbourhood requires you to break a bank. Why put all your eggs in one basket when you can invest the money somewhere else to earn decent returns while you enjoy living on rent? You are also spared the costs of maintaining a property such as repairs and property taxes when you get a flat or independent house on rent.
3. Enjoy the perks
If you find property prices exorbitant in your locality, it is always a good idea to get a property on rent. This will allow you to enjoy all the perks that come with living in such a posh and affluent area in your city.
4. No Maintenance Required for Renters
Living in a rented home, people bear no responsibility of incurring any maintenance or repair cost in the house you reside in. If they want to relocate for any reason, it is easier, less time-consuming, and potentially less costly. While if people own a house and want to relocate, it takes a lot of time and effort in selling and re-buying houses. Therefore, being a more flexible option living in a rental home widens the opportunities one can have.
If renters give people more flexible and feasible options, they might prefer residing in rental homes and properties.

Aug 15

Popcorn Friday

ITS POPCORN FRIDAY.. Come into the office and enjoy some Delicious POPCORN..See you soon!

Jun 15


Our 2nd annual Community Carnival will be Saturday, June 20th from 12-5pm. There will be fun for all ages including a petting zoo, dunk tank, bounce house, and FREE food! This event is FREE to Residents, Friends and Family! We hope to see you there.

Jun 15

It Pays to Go Paperless

Congratulations to Michael V. for being the winner of the May’s $50 FREE RENT CREDIT for going Paperless!!

You can be eligible to win in June by making sure you pay your rent through your online resident portal. If you have question on how to do this, please feel free to stop in or give us a call @ 616-784-0074

May 15

Bus Stops Closed

The Rapid Bus stops throughout The Orchards community will be closed on Thursday, May 14th while the road crews continue to work on the road repairs. The main drive will remain open for regular vehicle traffic. You may catch the bus on Alpine Ave, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your continued patience as we wrap up the asphalt repairs throughout the property. Please remember to drive slow and watch for any detours required. we are looking forward to smooth driving ahead.

May 15

Congrats Sally!

Congratulations Sally! You are the May paperless rent winner and you won $50.00 off your rent!

May 15

Congrats Celina!

Congrats to Celina for being our Facebook Resident Giveaway Winner for the Month of April! We will be looking forward to seeing pictures of the delicious dishes you make with your new knife set.

Apr 15

Pet Appreciation Night

*PET APPRECIATION NIGHT* is from 5pm-7pm tonight. We will have free food, raffle prizes, toys (for cats and dogs) and even a dog washing station!! The weather is gorgeous, so stop by and see how our four legged friends make our community a fun place to live and visit. The event will take place at our newly expanded dog park. See you there!!

Apr 15

Pet Appreciation Night

Pet Appreciation Night
Wednesday, April 15th 5-7pm
Location: At the dog park

Come check out our recently expanded dog park this Wednesday, April 15th from 5pm—7pm! We will be grilling food, giving away prizes and will also be offering FREE dog washes. So bring your pets to the dog park for our pet appreciation night. It will be a blast!!

Please tell your furry kids, tennis balls will be supplied for play time! WOOF

Apr 15

Congratulations April!

A big congratulations to April for being the winner of the $50 rent credit for the paperless rent program.

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